Burglar Alarms

Intruder Alarm system

Intruder alarm systems

Intruder alarm systems are used for security purposes when monitoring and detecting entry to properties. An intruder alarm will alert the owner of the property or authorised third part groups to an intrusion. Intruder alarm will stop the risk of unauthorised people accessing your building with efficient prices when being fitted, intruder alarms are a great way to prevent the risk of being burgled. Most home security systems will secure entry points into a building like doors and windows. Sensors are installed on the door this will allow the sensors to pick up movement.

Control Panel

The control panel is used when installing an intruder alarm system, a control panel is a computer that can trigger the alarm or disarm the security system. The panel acts as the communication and can link to each component that has been installed. When a section of the building has been breached the alarms will be sounded and information will be sent to the alarm monitoring company instantly. Most control panels will use a touchpad this is because it is easy for programming and interaction, this can be used for wireless remote control also known as key fobs.


Sensors that are installed above both doors and windows are comprised of two parts that are then installed adjacent to each other. The sensors will be fitted in two different places the first one being installed on the door or window. The second part is then installed on the door frame or on the window sill this is to ensure the sensor can pick up when someone is there, when the door or window is closed you will notice the sensors will join ensuring a security circuit. When the security has been breeches the sensors are able to send signals to the control panel with reports of which areas are secure or not. When a door or window is opened or broken the control panel will interpret this as a breach and the alarm is sounded.